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Newbind PUR Info Center



The New Bind PUR Binders are now manufactured by a first class team of Chinese and European engineers and technicians at "Pinghu New Bind Machinery Co., Ltd" a licensed China/European Joint Venture in Zhejiang, PRC, manufacturing for our worldwide clients, while thus securing optimal technical support to our clients in the PRC and Asia.

The Newbind PUR Info Center was established to give clients in China and Asia complete knowledge of PUR glue and PUR book binding. Activities are held in Newbind PUR Info Center regularly. These activities include:
1) PUR Think-Do Day
Every one or two months, 10 to 20 clients are invited to the Newbind PUR Info Center to extensively and intensively learn and discuss PUR book binding. During these sessions, the following topics are covered:
• Presentations about the characteristics of PUR glue
• Characteristics of PUR book binding and sample book demonstrations and comparisons
• Demonstrations of Newbind PUR binders
2) Service Trainings for Service Engineers from New Bind Distributors
3) Sales Trainings for Sales People from New Bind Distributors
4) Operating and Maintenance Trainings for New Bind Customers
5) Any customer's visit

Welcome to the Newbind PUR Info Center in Pinghu, China!

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