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Products >> Other Post Press Equipment >> JD7 Compensating Counting Stacker >> Compensating Counter Stacker JD7
  • Product Name: Compensating Counter Stacker JD7

 JD7 Compensating Counter Stacker can
be connected to Newspaper/Magazine rotary press for
products correcting counting and orderly stacking. The key
parts including the high-speed Laser Detector, air cylinder,
bearing, belt etc. are world famous brands which make themachine more stable. 

Mechanical Speed (b/h):                   70000
Max. Product Size (mm):                   470×320
Min. Product Size (mm):                    160×130
Max. Signature Number:                   100
Min. Signature Number:                    10
Max. Pile Height (mm):                      250
Infeed Height (mm):                         460-1100
Delivery Height (mm):                       720
Frequency (t/h):                                1200
Main Power (kw):                              2.2
Net Weight (kg):                               1500
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm): 2940×1920×2000

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