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  • Product Name: DQB460 Semi-automatic Stapling Machine

DQB460 Semi-automatic Saddle Stitching Machine is a well tested and widely used
stitcher for small production volumes, it is designed to economically produce
brochures with flat or ring stitches. Normally DQB460 works with 2 stitching heads
and Max. 4 stitching heads. The signatures are collected in advance and placed on
the feeder by the operator. Because of the stepless speed control the machine speed
can be optimally adjusted to the product requirements.

The machine has the following advantages:
1, adjustable stitching points, an important requirement for cutting
2, space efficient
3, Stepless speed control for flat and ring stitching
4, large format range
5, easy to operate

Stitching Speed              30--85c/h
Max. stitching size          460×305mm
Min. stitching size           127×89mm
Book thickness               0.2-4mm
Power                             0.37Kw
Weight                            400Kg
Dimension(L*W*H)         2220×1400×1200mm

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