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  • Product Name: ADVENTURE PUR Binding Machine

Unique and sophisticated binding solution suitable for all applications from traditional printers and binders, digital and photo industry as well as all other users demanding high professional binding standard of short and shortest runs produced with latest technology and know-how.

Main technical features

• Touch screen, multiple languages support
• Automated format change and job memory 
• Automatic book thickness gauge professionally designed for book on demand production
• Spine preparation by milling incl. notching complete with paper dust aspirator
• Integrated and inbuilt closed gluing system with pressurized melting tank for 2 kg glue and slot applicator both for SPINE and SIDE gluing. Completed by glue cut-off
• Automatic cover press with adjustable pressing timer
• Option: automatic cleaning system for PUR nozzle
• Option: gauze station for book block production

• Dimensions                    L 1850mm x W 790mm x H 1230mm
• Power                            1 phase, 220V, 4.6kw
• Weight                           325kgs
• Maximal air pressure      0.8 Mpa
• Cycles per hour              200
• Maximal binding length  450mm
• Book/spine thickness     3 – 50 mm

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