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Products >> Perfect Binding Machines >> PYGD450A Gathering Machine >> PYGD450A Gathering Machine
  • Product Name: PYGD450A Gathering Machine

Technical Features
◎Revolving drum principle
◎Universal two grippers
◎PLC control via touch screen
◎Automatic wrong block rejecter with advance detectors for miss fed, multi fed, paper jam etc.
◎Monitoring function with display and electric counter
◎Hand feeding station available when gathering stations are not enough
◎Optional to connect JBB50/12、JBB50/13、JBB50/17、JBB50/22 to a perfect binding line

Mechanical speed (r/h)           6000
Number of feeder stations     12
Max format range (mm)          450*300
Min format range (mm)           140*110
Power required (kw)               8.5
Machine weight (kg)                3500

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