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Products >> Perfect Binding Machines >> JBB50-3 Perfect Binding Machine >> JBB50-3 Perfect Binding Machine
  • Product Name: JBB50-3 Perfect Binding Machine

Technical Features

JBB50/3 is a three clamps oval perfect binder. The operation sequence is manual book-block feeding, automatic jogging, spine milling, notching, spine glue and side glue application,cover scoring, synchronically cover feeding and nipping, automatic delivering. With the main characters such as Stepless-speed regulation, PLC program control, PIO temperature control,automatic detectors, overload protector etc., it is an ideal equipment for flexible and quick binding of small and medium book quantities. 

Max. Binding Size                             450*270(mm)
Min. Binding Size                             140*120(mm) 
Binding Thickness                          3-50(mm)   
Max. Mechanical Speed                 1800(c/h)
Main Power                                      13(kw)  
Net Weight                                       1900(kg)  
Overall Dimensions (L×W×H)      2900×1400×1460(mm)

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