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The 70-80s

Starting Up and Entering the Graphic Art Industry


In the year 1976, Pinghu Luzhao Village Machinery was established in the same year. In 1982, company name was changed to Pinghu Dian Xun Machinery. The factory manufactured general mechanical parts at that time.


In 1986, Mr. Li Fengliang was appointed as 'Factory Manager' (equivalent to General Manager) of Pinghu Dian Xun Machinery at the age of 25. Meanwhile, the factory started to manufacture ink unit components and parts for post-press equipments for Shanghai No. 2 Printing Machinery (now a business unit in Shanghai Electric Group) and Shanghai Booking Binding Machinery (now Shanghai Purlux Machinery).


In 1989, Pinghu Dian Xun Machinery and State Shanghai Booking Binding Machinery (now Shanghai Purlux Machinery) started a joint venture in Pinghu. The name of the new company was Shanghai Book Binding Machinery Pinghu Subsidiary.

In 1989, First post-press equipment SX01 Sewing Machine was manufactured. In the same year, 5 of these units were produced. By the year 2009, more than 800 units were manufactured.

The 90s

Grow Together with Shanghai Purlux

Starting 1990, the company manufactured mechanical parts, sets and complete machines for Shanghai Book Binding Machinery (now Shanghai Purlux Machinery).

In 1992, the first perfect binder JBB35A, one of the first China-made perfect binders in the market.

In 1992, the number of employees in the company was around 30.

In 1993, Shanghai Book Binding Machinery stared a joint venture with Morningside. The company name was changed to Shanghai Purlux Machinery Co.,Ltd. And the Pinghu factory was renamed as Shanghai Purlux Machinery Co.,Ltd Pinghu Subsidiary.

From year 1995, the factory started to manufactured various post-press equipments including semi-automatic sewing machines, saddle stitchers, perfect binders etc.


Manufacture Its Own Products and Establish Sales and Service Network

In 2000, Three clamps perfect binder JBB50-3 was brought to the China market.

In 2001, Factory No. 2 (Assembly center) was established, located in the Huanggu Industry Park of Pinghu. Total foot print: 20,000 square meters, Floor space: 13,000 square meters.

In 2003, Five clamps perfect binder JBB50-5 was brought to the China market.

In 2005, started a joint venture with Toshihara Machinery from Japan, professionally manufacturing ink unit, an essential part for offset press.

In 2006, the signature product Perfect Binding Lines S-series were brought to the China market. Starting from the year 2006, up to the year 2010, on average 30 such perfect binding lines were sold per year.

In 2008, the company name was changed to Pinghu BindEx Machinery Co., Ltd.  

In 2009, on the 20 years anniversary of manufacturing the first sewing machine SX01, Fully-automatic sewing machine Sewra was brought to the market.

In 2009, BindEx started a joint venture with Newbind Italy and Wingfield Hong Kong. Pinghu Newbind Machinery Co.,Ltd is a fully licensed China/European joint venture, manufacturing innovative PUR book binding system


China Market Leader and Global BindEx


In 2010, Factory No. 3 started construction. The new modern factory which has a foot print of 30,000 square meters will considerably increase the production capacity of BindEx


In 2010, Mr. Peter Chen was appointed as the General Manager of BindEx. Mr. Li Fengliang remained as the Chairman of Company.

      In  May, 2012, BindEx together with our partner, Italy           Newbind made a debut at Drupa  with total participation         area of 200.

     In January 2013, the third factory was put in use, with            footprint 28000and floor space  19000 . This  brand        new  modern facility lays a solid foundation for future            development  of our company.

     In May, 2013 during China print,  BindEx shows a whole        range of book binding  solutions with paticipation area of        750.

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