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Company Profile

BindEx Machinery Co., Ltd is a professional and leading manufacturer in the post press industry. Products range from perfect binders (EVA and PUR), sewing machines and gathering machines to hard cover production machineries, covering 6 series and more than 20 product types. BindEx products are recognized both in the China and international markets as high-quality and economic solutions. The company was established in 1976, currently located in Pinghu, Zhejiang (greater Shanghai area). 

BindEx has a professional team of design engineers who are continuously bringing advanced technologies to the market and improving existing machine performances. The BindEx sales and service teams work diligently to ensure high customer satisfactory. The company has been focusing on technology and product quality for more than thirty years. BindEx has received CE certificates for its various products.

The manufacturing center of Pinghu BindEx is located in Huanggu Industrial Park of Pinghu, Zhejiang (greater Shanghai area). The total size of the factory is 20,000 square meters. The manufacturing center fully integrates machine assembly and in-house parts fabrication to ensure total maximal product quality. With a manufacturing team of 250 professionals, BindEx Manufacturing Center is able to produce more than 40 perfect binding lines and 200 other post press equipments per year.

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